to celebrate 420 followers i decided to make a giveaway !! (im lying i actually have 415 followers but i couldnt wait to post this) this is my first giveaway ever so get excited maybe idk


  • monki graphic crop top in size small (its quite large tho)
  • monki denim dress in size small (its also quite large and it is not actually denim but u got the point)
  • i-have-no-idea-of-the-brand leopard print dungarees in extra small
  • black monki lace dress in extra small 
  • a black peter pan collar dress in large (bought from ebay and it is super short, im 5’6 and i cant really wear it due to its shortness)
  • a pull & bear denim vest in large
  • a h&m sweater in medium
  • monki shorts in medium
  • arctic monkeys - do i wanna know single (7” vinyl)
  • mgmt - oracular spectacular cd
  • the naked and famous - passive me, aggressive you
  • a drawing by me of a person of your choice
  • some finnish candies 
  • a letter from me lmao
  • some other small things
  • (maybe more clothes and records who knows)


  • u must be following me sorry !!!
  • there will be one winner
  • only reblogs count but you can like as a bookmark 
  • you can reblog as much as u want but please remember that u might have followers that will get annoyed
  • i will ship internationally
  • the giveaway will be ending on 1st of september and i will be announcing the winner on my blog and also be messaging the winner so be sure to have your ask box open !!!

good luck !!! xoxo





OK, so the winner of my first giveaway didn’t want these two items & they were kind enough to let me know so I can give them away to another winner.

I will pick from a random generator August 1st. I will now pick the winner August 15th, because I had to make a new post.

Items in giveaway include:
MacBook Air (unused)
Playlist Live Frame Signed by: Tyler Oakley, SprinkleOfGlitter, Mystery Guitar Man, Kassem G, Hannah Hart, Zoella, BeyondBeautyStar, Lush, Alexa Losey, Rebecca Black, ElloSteph, Adorian Deck, JessiSmiles, Brittani Louise Taylor, PointlessBlog, ThatSoJack, Ry Doon, Meghan Rosette, Orion, Superwoman, Andrew Lowe, ShayCarl, Flula, SpandyAndy, JennxPenn, Miranda Sings, KC James, Mazzi Maz

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